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GPS food catering was formed by 3 shareholders named Gui Shan, Pamela and Si Jia, in June 2005. We provide catering services for weddings, birthdays, house warming, company functions, anniversaries, etc. Though we are only formed for a year, we had gained popularity among the Singaporeans. We had won the Singapore Most Popular Catering Service award. We provide good services, thus we gain trust from customers.


Mission Statement

Since we were young, we admire people which are engaged in the catering business work, therefore we resolve to grow up to be the same as them, becomes the diet entrepreneur. We have common dream, which is to carry forward Singapore's diet culture. In order to realize this great dream, we established GPS Food Catering Services to provide various local foods for the people. We will continue to try hard and provide a better service for the customers.


How does the name GPS food catering come from?

The three shareholders names are Gui Shan, Pamela and Si Jia, so we use the first letter of our names to form the name of our food catering group. GPS also means "Good Product and Services", we ensure that the food produced by GPS are in good quality and we provide the best services to all customers.


What type of services we provide?

Food delivery all around Singapore

We ensure that your food will be delivered to you within 30 minutes after you have placed your order.

We will ensure you that your food will still be fresh and warm when it is delivered to you.

If you are not satisfy with our food and services, you can always write to us! (Feedback form is provided)

We also welcome special requests! For example, birthday, wedding cakes, etc.



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